€ 100,000 WSOPE LEON’s High Roller swooped away by Ivan Leow

img_src: pokernews.com

The €100,000 LEON’s High Roller Event came to a close and it was Ivan Leow who emerged victorious defeating a field of 33 players. The win being Leow’s highest career cash out adding a whopping €1,251,455 and taking his earnings to $4.1 million in tournaments.

Martin Kabrhel was on a roll as he entered the final table with a massive chip lead. The money bubble soon applied pressure on the other players as the blinds kept rising. Putting themselves at risk the other players soon scored double ups through each other and through Kabrhel.

Kabrhel continued to remain in a dominating position, but with a few players hitting the rail, Leow chipped up. What helped Leow surge ahead was the three way hand where Kabrhel shoved, Soyza called and Leow went over the top with pocket aces. Soyza was eliminated in third place.

It was between Kabrhel and Leow and chip lead melted between the two. They went all in a few minutes into play; Leow with a king-jack and Kabrhel with ace-nine. Leow hit a pair of jacks on the flop and with the stars aligning on this day he nailed another jack on the turn! Leow’s quick heads-up turn around battle had his friends cheering him as he took home the first place!


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