Fourth Time’s A Charm For Sean Winter


The name Sean Winter has been creating waves in the 2019 US Poker Open and for good reason! After making final table appearances in three events that included a runner-up finish to Stephen Chidwick in Event #1: $10,000 NLH.

Although Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck was not familiar territory for Sean, while figuring the game out on the fly, he managed to emerge victorious beating a field of 42 players for $151,200. He earned 200 points in his race to the US Poker Open Championship Title propelling him just ahead of Chidwick.

Chidwick, who was making his third final table appearance of the series, was actually the first to exit after he shoved his short stack over four limps holding ace-queen. Unfortunately for him, Winter had limped with kings and held after making the call.

Ben Yu was the next to go when he shoved his king-queen suited and failed to get ahead of Seth Davies’ ace-eight. A few hands later, the starting short stack of the day, Ben Lamb was seen hitting the rail. He bowed out after shoving queen-jack and getting called by Winter, who had once again limped with pocket kings.

Three-handed play lasted for a while until Davies got it all in with ace-jack suited and was up against Winter’s jack-nine suited. Winter flopped a two pair and that was all for Davies, who exited with $67,200 and a third place finish.

David Peters who began the final table as the chip leader, couldn’t keep Winter from inching closer to his victory. After Winter earned a comfortable lead, he jammed with king-nine suited and Peter called with jack-nine off. Winter flopped a two pair yet again and Peters had to settle for second and a paycheck of $100,800.

Final table results and payouts


Player Country


1 Sean Winter United States $151,200
2 David Peters United States $100,800
3 Seth Davies United States $67,200
4 Ben Lamb United States $42,000
5 Ben Yu United States $33,600
6 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $25,200