Kassouf Caught Palming Chips

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Kassouf Caught Palming Chips

Etiquettes are one thing, but palming chips? You are bound to face the wrath of the poker community. That’s exactly what happened when William Kassouf, known as the ‘Nine high like a boss’ from the 2016 WSOP series, was caught palming £100 chips at a roulette wheel while he was at the GUKPT (Grosvenor UK Poker Tour) at Leeds.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and Kassouf had to pay the price. He has been banned from all Grosevnor properties and unfortunately was stripped of his Grosvenor sponsorship as well.

Kassouf who is pretty active on twitter took to the social media platform to release his statement admitting to the accusations and apologizing for his folly.

Well this incident might have cost Kassouf a few of his friends, but owning up was just about the right thing for him to do.