Kim K And Her Sunglasses Setting The Poker Felts On Fire!


Who ever thought sunglasses would be such a heated debate on the felts, until Kim Kardashian decided to wear mirrored sunglasses at a poker table! An image of the celebrity is making the rounds on social media with audacious remarks questioning her grey matter. A common caption headlining the image is “Whenever you feel like a moron, just remember that Kim Kardashian played poker with mirrored sunglasses.”

The photograph was taken in July 2018 at the first annual “If Only” Texas Hold’em charity poker tournament at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. While it is a genuine photograph, being so harsh for this fashion choice, isn’t as ignorant as the meme suggests.

Sunglasses are an integral part of live poker. Players choose sunglasses to protect their demeanor and not give away any hands. They are commonly found around the poker table. Infact professional poker players like Phil Laak, Iwan Jones, Chip Jett, Chris Moneymaker to name a few have been spotted wearing similar reflective eye gear.

Freedom of speech and a lack of information might give social media users the right to believe that wearing reflective sunglasses on the felts is a dimwitted move. But here’s what’s missing, most professional poker players rarely hold their cards in a position that would result in their hands being reflected of their glasses. They take a sneak by just bending up an edge and do not lift their cards up off the table.

Here’s a look at how it’s done:

(video source credits: pokerlistings)