Live ‘Misclick’ Helps Soheb Porbandarwala Ship WSOPC Harrahs Atlantic City for $107,862


306 entries battled it out over 2 days for the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) main event title at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. The $1,675 buy-in tournament generated a prize pool of $459,000. It was 27-year old Soheb Porbandarwala who eventually came out on top to take home the title as well as $107,862 for his efforts.

Porbandarwala entered day 2 of the main event with a below average stack and managed to run it up all the way to the chip lead before the beginning of the final table. 1 hand was key among all others:
During 10 handed play at the WSOPC main event, Porbandarwala was also playing a tournament online using his tablet on where he picked up Pocket K’s. When the cards were dealt to him live he announced ‘All-in’ by mistake out loud without even looking at his cards, in a moment of confusion.
Action folded around to Joe Siracusa who snap called to reveal Pocket J’s. Porbandarwala, who had not yet seen his cards, turned them over to reveal Qd-2h and confessed his mistake. The poker gods seemed to favor him that day, however, as the board ran out As9c5hQs3s to give Porbandarwala a massive double up and the chip lead.

“I meant to say ‘fold, however, as action at the table was playing out, I was moving my chips all in on, and somehow the words slipped out,” Porbandarwala told “I was fortunate to even have one overcard in that spot, and even more fortunate that I hit,” he added.

A look at the final table payouts:

1. Soheb Porbandarwala – $107,862
2. Peter Vitantonio – $66,693
3. Jason Maeroff – $48,438
4. Matt Glantz – $35,779
5. Scott Sisler – $26,861
6. Billy Cashwell – $20,485
7. Jeffery Miller – $15,868
8. Kevin Grabel – $12,476
9. Daniel Monosson – $9,956

Porbandarwala also earned a seat in August’s season-ending Global Casino Championship – in addition to winning his second gold ring.
“I really don’t play tournaments that much. I play mostly cash online, but I love tournaments. It’s like my old love. It’s really nice to win a Main Event because it’s getting to the Global Championship the short way,” he stated.


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