Mike Leah Ships WPT Falls View Poker Classic Main Event for $359,342


Canadian Poker Pro Mike Leah was at it again at the WPT Falls View Poker Classic, however this time around he managed to take down the biggest one – the WPT Main Event. Leah maneuvered through a massive 517 player field to take home $359,342 as well as a seat for the ‘WPT tournament of Champions’ for his efforts.

Leah has taken down the $1,100 side event at WPT Falls View Poker Classic in 2014, 2016 as well as 2017! Yes, that’s three times the same guy has won the tournament – a feat not easily replicable. There was some controversy over the last few hands that played out between Mike Leah and the eventual runner up Ryan Yu.

This is what Mike Leah had to say:

“As soon as we found ourselves in heads up, Ryan raised the possibility of a deal. I do not remember his exact words. Until that moment, I had never thought of this eventuality. I told him something like, “Listen, I could not even discuss a deal if he did not give me the win and the trophy …”. I had no idea what Ryan would do to me, and in all honesty it was not very important to me because I was happy to continue playing normally. To play a WPT title in heads up, there is not much more exciting.

But very quickly Ryan told me that he would agree to do this by applying an ICMdeal . Needless to say, I agreed. Of course I would sacrifice a bit of my edge , but it’s not like I play heads up every day or even every week. And the benefits were many: no flip risk at $ 150,000, a WPT title insured, an entry into the Champions Club, a seat for the Tournament of Champions, my fourth Fallsview trophy in five years … How not to agree with that?

With Ryan, we left the table to discuss the details of this deal. The clock was not stopped, but we did not care because an agreement was likely. We negotiated the slightest detail, from the $ 15,000 head office consideration in the ICM calculation to the dealer’s tip.

Once the agreement was reached, the Tournament Director told us that we should continue to play. So we decided that the quickest and easiest way to proceed was for Ryan to raise and then lay down his hands for significant amounts. We did it without any intention of concealing it, joking even openly about the unfolding of the duel. We were both very happy with this epilogue.

Looking back, I realize that this episode could be embarrassing or disappointing for the World Poker Tour , journalists and even spectators, all faced with stories of absurd hands and without the slightest interest. There was no doubt a better solution. At no time did we wish to disrespect the various parties involved. We were just happy with our performance and made the best decision to protect our interests.”

A look at the final payouts:

  1. Mike Leah – $ 358,531 as well as a seat for the WPT Tournament of Champions
  2. Ryan Yu – $ 239,023
  3. Tim Rutherford – $ 176,412
  4. Carlos Chadha – $ 131,603
  5. Daniel Wagner – $ 99,245
  6. Joe Ferrier – $ 75,666