New Poker Series in the books for Daniel Negreanu


Kid Poker’ aka poker pro Daniel Negreanu recently tweeted his intent to introduce a new poker series for the community. Being the face of the series, Negreanu plans on catering to those poker players who abhor rebuy tournaments.


Negreanu favors freezeouts, a tournament structure popular a few years ago. This structure allows for only one buy-in and does not allow re-buys and re-entires. Tournaments these days allow for re-buys and re-entries and are often instated for the tournament host to meet prize pool guarantees.

Daniel has been a successful ambassador for the skill-based mind game and the introduction of a series with his name and fame is bound to attract numerous poker players. What’s more, the pro also garners a lot of social media attention with over 474,000 followers reaching a much wider follower base.

Negreanu’s tweet suggests he’d like to structure his new series and favour freezeouts like back in the good old days. An event of this nature is bound to attract poker players across skill sets including the recreational lot. Further details from the tweet indicate that the tournament is to be held in Vegas for a two-week duration. A sneak peek into the spreadsheet of potential events reveals buy-ins ranging from $1,500 to $10,000.


Kid Poker’s mission is to bring back old school poker tournament structures and furthermore encourage a culture where people value the importance of showing up on time, banning late registrations.

Poker fans have certainly shown interest to the tweet supporting the idea of no re-entries. The suggested structure is certainly more inclusive and takes into consideration recreational players who can’t afford multiple rebuys. Pros have the bankroll and advantage to fire two or three bullets and Negreanu’s endeavor is to eliminate this advantage and make it an equal playing field.

The question remains, will Negreanu be successful when he takes the drawing board to the felts? Let’s wait and watch!



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