Online Qualifier Piotr Nurzynski ships largest EPT Barcelona Main Event

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Online Qualifier Piotr Nurzynski ships largest EPT Barcelona Main Event

The 2018 EPT Barcelona Main Event came to an end with online qualifier Piotr Nurzynski finishing on top of a record breaking field of 1931 players. The Polish player won a satellite while on a surfing trip with his fiancé – a decision that in all likelihood will change the rest of their lives!

The final day resumed with 6 players, 5 of whom were Europeans. They were all chasing Haoxiang Wang and his 16.2 million chips. Nurzynski was in second place with his 15.425 million in chips, while Bulgaria’s Ognyan Dimov (10.125 million), Estonia’s Matthias Tikerpe (7.1 million), Portugal’s Pedro Marques (6.95 million) and Rodrigo Carmo (two million) rounding out the field.

After Tikerpe and Camro fell in 6th and 5th place respectively, the remaining 4 locked up a deal: Wang – €1,023,701
Nurzynski – €857,109
Dimov – €725,621
Marques – €698,369

This left €180,000 and the Platinum Pass to play for. Shortly after, Wang’s pocket tens knocked out Marques and his A♣ 3♣ in fourth place. He then went on to knock out Dimov in third place, taking more than a 3:1 chip lead heads up against Nurzynski. Unfortunarely for Wang, he doubled up the Polish player when his pair/open ender bricked out against Nuruzynski’s pocket kings and then went on to lose a huge pot when he called a pot sized bet on the river on a ten-high board holding 99, while his opponent showed him JJ. The final hand saw Wang’s K-2 up against Nurzynski’s A-9, with the latter shoving the river on a board of 6 K A 7 4. Wang was out of time-bank chips and ended up making the call, giving Nurzynski the championship.

Here’s a look at the final table payouts:

  1. Piotr Nurzynski, €1,037,109*
    2. Haoxiang Wang, €1,023,701*
    3. Ognyan Dimov, €725,621*
    4. Pedro Marques, €698,369*
    5. Rodrigo Carmo, €354,200
    6. Matthias Tikerpe, €287,050

Meanwhile, Germany’s Max Silver took home what is probably one of the biggest high-roller events seen in EPT Barcelona yet. A field of 439 signed up for the €10,000 event, and final table action saw another deal 3-way with Silver, Norbert Szecsi and Joris Ruijs cutting up the remaining money by chip counts.

Szecsi – €626,357
Silver – €540,924
Ruijs – €488,819

Less than a half hour later, Silver managed to emerge victorious – first miraculously rivering a wheel against Ruijs’ flopped two-pair and then busting Szecsi when his pocket tens held against pocket treys.

1. Max Silver, €600,924*
2. Norbert Szecsi, €626,357*
3. Joris Ruijs, €488,819*
4. Richard Kirsch, €295,960
5. Orpen Kisacikoglu, €232,080
6. Cord Garcia, €181,830
7. Zhong Chen, €136,700
8. Niall Farrell, €97,100