Poker Video Games you can go all-in with


The 50th annual World Series of Poker is underway and for the poker community, they can’t help but soak up the fervor of the season. Whether you are a professional hoping to cash in on the six figure scores or an amateur watching live streams with the hope of being there someday or just a curious by stander wondering what all the hype is about, this is the season to be jolly!

Post the poker boom in 2003 and the rise in curiosity for the game, established players in the industry jumped on the poker bandwagon to make the game available to play on both the PC and consoles. The video game platforms are an opportunity to explore the skill game of poker and not be eaten alive by a sea of sharks (professional poker players). Here’s a look at the best poker video games.

World Championship Poker 2: Featuring Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer was a renowned poker professional and chess master. He was renowned for his analytic style and was frequent on late night poker shows. World Championship Poker 2 was probably the first game to have online poker back in 2006. The game’s feature allowed players to mix it up with other consoles in small-scale tournaments. It offered a variety of poker variants outside of Texas Hold’em; a huge plus that made it a fun time online.

Poker Night at the Inventory

There is certain charm that Poker Night at the Inventory provides in that sense making it undoubtedly one of the more fun games as the main attraction was to see a cast of C-list Internet celebrities play cards with the player. Each character has a certain play style the player can exploit for their gain, and even earn rewards for Team Fortress 2. It certainly didn’t focus on the stimulation market, but on the comedic effect and star power of well-known characters.

World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets

The World Series of Poker games are supposed to represent the excellence and pageantry of the big leagues of poker everywhere. Featuring over 20 professional player profiles, voice-overs, and endorsements, Battle for the Bracelets is packed with stardom!

It features a decent AI scheme and enough tournament events to have some fun with your play money bankroll. The platform hosts’ cash-game variants and fun challenges like ‘Beat the Brat’ those are well worth the entry fee.

Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu

Stacked ranks the highest among player’s choice and has focused on the simulation styled experience to deliver a product that that likes of FIFA tend to deliver. The reason: Stacked is the only poker video game to feature the specially developed Poki AI.

The Poki AI is the only AI that adjusts itself to how the player plays, as opposed to settling down in a predetermined style like most other poker games. Therefore the game has the most challenging simulation experience amongst the lot.

What are you waiting for, dive into these video games to experience the skill based game of poker!