Poker Queens


A Documentary About Poker’s Finest Female Players.

Women haven’t really been the face of poker and in the 50-year history of the World Series of Poker Main Event there has never been a female winner. If that fact isn’t disappointing enough, how about the fact that only one woman, Barbara Enright, has ever made the final table on poker’s biggest stage in 1995. Things have progressed at snail’s pace and the last year’s number of female entries in the Main event was a mere 3.4%, that’s 300 out of 7874 entries. So, it’s no surprise it remain a male dominated sport for a while.

However, the number of female poker players running deep and winning big events is on the rise. And therefore poker player, author and movie director Sandra Mohr decided to put out a feature length documentary film that will focus on some of the best women taking on the fierce competition at the WSOP.

The upcoming film, titled “Poker Queens: Glamour, Glitz, Guts, Glory: They’re All In,” will follow several of poker’s best-known female stars in their quests for a bracelet, including the big one — the $10,000 WSOP Main Event.

In addition to the historical female poker figure Alice “Poker Alice” Ivers, the film also portrays the likes of Maria HoKristen “krissyb24” BicknellJennifer HarmanLoni HarwoodVanessa Rousso, Barbara Enright, Liv BoereeLauren RobertsKathy LiebertLily KilettoGillian EppJennifer TillyAngelica HaelKayla “Wino” VoogdKristy ArnettLinda Johnson“Sia Layta” aka “The Black Widow” (Mohr herself), Kelly Minkin and Jan Fisher.

The film uses an interesting mix of interviews, personal video from player vlogs, dramatization, reality footage and up-close tournament play to portray the journey of the ‘Poker Queens’ at the 50th Anniversary of the WSOP 2019.

“Women are just now starting to take back their power,” said Mohr. “It’s going to be amazing to see the change in the years to come.” The producer is of the belief that it is only a matter of time that a woman makes a run at the WSOP Main Event title.

Mohr mentioned that female participation has increased over the years to around 30 percent in the online poker arena, and she sees live poker following suit.

Mohr hopes the film, will shed light on how the girls’ childhood, how they got into poker, and their journeys as they eye for the gold. The approach for the documentary is to cast a wide net, track several ladies and let the film naturally take its course. The result, she hopes, will motivate other women.

All hail the Poker Queens! Catch the trailer here.