Real Money Poker In Video Games – Yay Or Neigh?


The online gaming and real money games industry are attuned to each other. Games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto seem natural fits for a game of poker. But what are the pros and cons of introducing real monitory games in these video games?

Red Dead Redemption 2 recently launched a real money version of online poker in their video game. However, interestingly, it has been blocked in a few countries, the gaming company RockStar has chosen to opt out of controversy and the grey areas in strict gambling markets.

The reason the transition feels seamless is because it seems a perfect match for the poker industry, the gaming industry and serious poker players. Combined, their reach knows no limits. Games like Grand Theft Auto are worth billions on its own and integrating real money poker might just create the biggest boom in the industry!

While the gamers might have imagined real money games in their favourite video games, looks like it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. There is a downside to offering real money in these games. To begin with, the regulation of it! When major players in the industry are meandering the legal minefields constantly, a gaming company will have it even harder.

Further more, the integration might just make poker look a bit hostile. While it would be great to grow the poker player base, brands are of the feeling that people find poker when they look for it voluntarily, rather than having it camouflaged in one’s living room via a free to play game. It’s a bad idea to be stumbling upon a game you had no intention of playing and then have real money teach you the game in a more harmful manner.

What your verdict, yay or neigh?