Sam Dessaix-Porter Ships APL Million Tournament for $247,500

1041 Players battled it out over 4 days at the APL Million tournament – part of the Star Poker Festival in Sydney – and it was Sam Dessaix from Wollongong (Coastal City South of Sydney, Australia) who finally emerged victorious to take home the trophy as well as $247,500 for his efforts.
This is the second year in a row that a Wollongong player has taken home the APL Million title. Last year it was  Branko Usljebrka who recorded his biggest ever poker win when he beat a field of 1164 players to claim $265,000 for 1st place.

“It was a pretty crazy journey. I hadn’t been playing much in the months leading up to the event but managed to get a bit of practice just before it started. I was just looking to have a good game and kept my head down and one by one players just dropped off and the next minute you find yourself with 50 people left and then 30, 20, 10 and suddenly it’s the final table,” Dessaix-Porter told

In fact, Dessaix-Porter had begun coming down with the flu and was extremely sick before the final day.  “I slept all day and slept all night and took a bunch of medicine and fortunately was able to play and progressively got better,” said he said.
“I held the lead down to three-handed but then I got knocked down a bit before recovering thanks to a couple of key hands. It’s definitely my biggest win of my career. It’s something I’ll always remember for sure,” he told

What is he going to do with this winnings?

“I’m a bit of an old man when it comes to material things. I might buy a $70 pair of headphones but I don’t have any big items that I’ll rush out and buy. But once uni is over in June I’ll use the Vegas package [part of winnings] and kick-start my travelling and maybe play a few events overseas and see how I do.”