Tesla to introduce poker with Chinese in-car software update


Tesla, Inc. is revolutionizing the way mankind interacts with technology. Recently, they announced the launch of a novel in-car update. The update capitalizes on the rise of poker in China, making it an option available in their automobiles!

The Chinese government has turned its ears to legalizing online poker in the country. Although real money games are illegal on the mainland, social apps have paved an alternate path to play. This, combined with the growth of poker in Asia has resulted in a growing number of poker fans.

Elon Musk has partnered with gaming company Tencent to enhance the fleet’s dashboard games by introducing poker. Said to launch in 2020, Chinese Tesla car owners will have access to two poker games.

Worried about drivers going crazy on the road? Tesla poker, like all other dashboard games of theirs will only work when the vehicle is parked. Additionally, the game will also feature a new version of Mahjong (a popular tile-based Chinese game) developed by Alibaba subsidiary, Youku and will be available in China only for the time being.

In addition to satisfying existing poker fans, the new car-based platform has the power to attract new ones. With the largest population in the world and the rising of the upper class, China has always been on the radar of gaming platforms. However, the battle with the Chinese law is a long drawn one and there seems to be no signs of change in the near future. This might impend the growth of games like poker reaching it’s maximum potential. But the efforts by companies like Tesla and Tencent continue to cause a stir and be a beacon of light for poker in China.