Valentin Vornicu Takes Home his 11th WSOPC Gold Ring

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Even a single Gold Ring at the World Series of Poker Circuit is a milestone for many poker players. San Diego resident Valentin Vornicu makes it look easy, as he recently took down the  $365 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry at Harrah’s New Orleans for $64,205 as well as a record 11th Gold Ring.

Vornicu entered the final table as the shortest stack and would go on to bust out all the remaining 8 players on his way to a pole position finish. His intention was to ladder up as much as possible towards acquiring points for the  2018 Global Casino Championship.

A look at the final table payouts:

1.Valentin Vornicu – $64,205

2.Clinton Boynes – $39,002

3.Jonathan Hilton – $28,839
4.Timohy Acker – $21,988
5.Vismantas Maijosius – $16,971
6.David Slaughter – $13,249
7.Joseph Hebert – $10,495
8.Ryan Stephens – $8,440
9.Holly Meliet – $6,891

“It’s the first time I’m at the top of the leaderboard with no ties. First, I tied Alex Masek and then I was tied with Maurice Hawkins. I just am happy with the win itself,” Vornicu told WSOP officials after the win, according to pokernews. “I just like winning tournaments. It’s nice to win one of these bigger fields for more money. Now, I have more money to spend at the WSOP and fire HORSE events and stuff,” he added.

“A lot of people think that I travel all the time. I stay local. I’ve got like five stops. I want to relax half the year. What’s the point of grinding all this poker if you can’t enjoy the beach for x amount of time,” Vornicu stated, according to pokernews. “When I travel to the East Coast, it’s mostly for points. Or maybe I’ve never been somewhere, but New Orleans is a fun place to come.”


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