InMobi Suggests 60% Of Mobile Gamers Are 45-54 Years Old

Gamers in India

We’ve all been believers that gaming is something that is popular among the Gen Z, i.e, people in the 18-24 years age group. In a surprise 2021 gaming report by ad tech firm, InMobi, it turns out that 60% of those in the age group of 45-54 year olds have taken to mobile gaming! About 45% of gamers in India started playing mobile games during the pandemic lockdowns. 

In February, InMobi, interviewed 1,000 smartphone users in India from over 30 cities to understand their gaming habits, advertiser insights and personas. They also collected data signals from over 200 million users from the country.

Currently, our country is the 5th largest mobile gaming market in the world. The growth of mobile gaming in India came down to access to cheap smartphones, cheap data tariffs and improving network speeds! Vasuta Agarwal, managing director for Asia-Pacific in InMobi, said “Smartphone penetration has democratised mobile gaming.

Last year saw a huge growth in gaming in India. The country was one of the fastest growing in terms of game app downloads.” InMobi grouped gamers into different categories: committed gamers, regular gamers and occasional gamers. More than 80% of gamers fell into the committed gamers bracket.

They spend more time per session than other gamers with over 84% of gamers spending more than one hour on mobile gaming in a single sitting. Vasuta Agarwal continued, “There’s a snacking behaviour in mobile gaming. People playing in short spurts throughout the day, in between meetings, chores.

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About 40% of them spend over 10 minutes per gaming session and 14% spend more than an hour a day on mobile games.” Pre-lockdown, Indians were increasing their game time between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm. However, game play declined during these timings post-lockdown. 

It’s an interesting study by InMobi at the least. It gives an open suggestion that it’s not only the youth in the country that is invested in playing mobile games. The Gen X is also a big part of the gaming community which is growing at an incredible rate in the country. Hopefully we keep getting more positive news and reports about gaming in India. 

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