The National Poker Series On PokerBaazi – 2 Days To Go

The National Poker Series On PokerBaazi - 2 Days To Go

The first ever National Poker Series is finally here! With only 2 days to go for the massive INR 15 Crores GTD series, let’s take another look at what the NPS and PokerBaazi have in store for us!

India’s First Poker Gold Medalist

The National Poker Series will crown the first Gold-Medalist in Indian Poker as all NPS will award the top 3 finishers of each tournament with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Every tournament will take you an inch closer to achieving glory and representing India at the world’s biggest poker event in Las Vegas! 

The Leaderboard

The NPS boasts a leaderboard of INR 1 Crore GTD! Let’s take a look at all 3 Leaderboards that the NPS has to offer this June! 

  • The NPS Podium

The winner, runner-up and 2nd runner up of every tournament will be awarded gold (10 points), silver (5 points) and bronze (2 points) medals respectively. The podium will be calculated on the basis of total points and the Top 3 players at the end of the series will get a chance to represent the country at the world stage in Las Vegas and win packages worth INR 20 Lakhs! 

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  • Daily Leaderboard

Daily Leaderboards worth 45 Lakhs across 15 days. 3 Lakhs GTD everyday. 

  • Overall Leaderboard

As if the NPS Podium and Daily Leaderboard wasn’t enough, the NPS also boasts an Overall Leaderboard worth INR 35 Lakhs as well!

Night Of Champions

The NPS has a lot of big, marquee events. Winning any of those 8 events will give you a free ticket to the Night Of Champions, a special SnG hosted on PokerBaazi a week after the NPS ends on 3rd July. The top two finishers of the SnG will receive 7L and 3L respectively. The winners from the following events will be able to play in the Night Of Champions:

  • NPS Kick-Off
  • NPS Golden Rush
  • NPS Highroller
  • NPS Super Highroller
  • NPS Mini Main Event
  • NPS Main Event 
  • NPS PLO Highroller
  • NPS Series Leaderboard Winner

NPS Golden Rush

Have you ever played in a INR 1 Crore GTD tournament? No? Well, this is your chance to play one for just a buy-in of INR 550! The NPS Golden Rush is definitely the biggest value tournament we’ve ever seen! Satellites are LIVE NOW! 

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