Meet The Hosts Of The Pre-Flop Show Of NPS

Meet The Hosts OThe Pre-Flop Show Of NPS

The first hand of the INR 15 Crores GTD National Poker Series on PokerBaazi is only 4 days away from being dealt. The excitement and tension to find India’s First Poker Gold Medalist is increasing by the minute. 

The National Poker Series will be live streamed on PokerBaazi’s YouTube channel by your favourite regular streamers including the likes of Gautam Rohilla and Ritwik Khanna

PokerBaazi is also running a special satellite series, Road To NPS where a minimum of 10 seats GTD satellites are running daily, offering players a chance to secure their entries in the big NPS tournaments for cheap! 

The National Poker Series will also be preceded by an all new pre-game show, The Pre-Flop Show, which will be hosted by prominent names such as Abhishek Goindi, Ridhima Pathak and Sriram Charkravarthy

Abhishek Goindi does not need any introductions when it comes to poker in India. Ridhima Pathak is a popular sportscaster who has been a part of NBA events, cricketing events as well as poker events like the Baazi Poker Tour!

Sriram Chakravarthy has hosted and casted a bunch of live poker sessions on YouTube and is a very recognizable face in the industry! These guys will be building up the action for the day on PokerBaazi and talk about all things poker!

It’ll be a fun pre-game show for the players and watchers to log into to know about what’s going on in the National Poker SeriesThe Pre-Flop Show will be streamed live only on the PokerBaazi YouTube channel, everyday from the 13th to 28th June starting from 3:30PM – 4:00 PM! 

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