PokerBaazi LIVE Brings Aboard 3 Musketeers


We all know about being the best in business, whether its teaching us how to play online poker or providing exciting poker promotions offers and bonuses to users all across India. But this time, the company took it a step further by announcing the LIVE poker room on board the Casino Pride 2 Vessel in Goa in association with the Pride Group.

What’s more is that the poker community’s 3 musketeers would be joining hands with the venue to give it a much wider reach and accessibility. Speaking of the latest in Indian poker news, one of the best companies in online poker in India recently announced their LIVE poker room on board the Casino Pride 2 vessel in Goa.

The company has tied up with the Pride group and Mr Madhav Gupta to begin operations aboard the new ship. The company also went on to announce the involvement of three more prominent names from the Indian poker industry

Vikram Kumar, Rohan Dhawan and Nikhil Jain will be joining hands with PokerBaazi LIVE room to give the venue more reach and recognition across the country. They have been a pivotal part of the poker boom and poker learning in India and will definitely bring immense value to the company’s new project. 

Talking about this new development, Vikram Kumar – popularly known as ‘Lungi’ stated “Going to be fun hosting some good poker games and tourneys on board Casino Pride 2. With industry veterans Navi and Maddy this Baazi Live crew is getting ready for some juicy poker games and our trademark hospitality to the Indian poker community”.

He has already been an integral part of both the live and online poker tournaments circuit in India and his involvement with the PokerBaazi LIVE poker room brings added value and excitement to the announcement. Rohan is a 30-year-old Manchester University graduate who is the co-owner of the Goan Nuts Team that recently won the Poker Sports League.

He is an enthusiast of the game and is extremely thrilled to see the popularity that it has received in recent times. Through this association, he hopes to contribute to’s goal of growing the sport of online poker in the country. He stated “I am ecstatic about this association with PokerBaazi – who I believe is the best in its field.

It is a customer centric company that has always put players first, and I believe that together we can do a lot for this game.” Nikhil Jain is a 31-year-old mathematics enthusiast from Palwal, Haryana and has done his B-tech from IIT Roorkee. Being a maths enthusiast, he chose finance to start his career and started working as a futures and derivatives analyst.

Currently, he is working as a Co-founder and CEO of a digital marketing firm, GrowthCure. He picked up poker playing in his college days and became passionate about it straight away.  He is excited to be associated with PokerBaazi Live and said “Knowing Maddy and Navi, well known names in the industry, we will work together to bring the best tournament and cash game action at PokerBaazi Live.

When it comes to playing online poker in India, has already built a reputation of pushing boundaries and coming up with new and exciting formats of the game on the digital felts be it teaching the basics of how to play poker for beginners,

providing the best of Indian and international poker news, offering the best of poker promotions, offers and bonuses, etc., and with the association of these names, the PokerBaazi LIVE room is set to become the one-stop poker destination for poker lovers across the country.

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