PPL 20: Final 9 set for 1CR GTD Money Maker


The penultimate and final day of the PokerBaazi Premier League featured some of the biggest and popular tournaments of PokerBaazi. Both days received a total of 4,704 entries making it another wonderful turnout for the PPL.

PPL 2020 features the largest ever prize-pool for a 10 day online series with guarantees worth INR 7.3 Crore+ over 60 tournaments. Combined with an additional 15 Lakh in leaderboard prizes, PPL 2020 promises to be the biggest and most exciting edition yet.

  • PPL#50 DST (2 LAC GTD) (RE)

The first event of Day 9 was the DST 2 LAC GTD. A total of 331 entries were received. Nehal Kumar ‘dybalamask’ Agarwal won the title and 1st prize payout of INR 54,838. Ajay Singh ‘dangeraj’ Dasila was the runner-up finisher and he earned INR 38,478.

  • PPL#51 (5 LAC GTD) PKO (RE)

The second event, PKO 5 LAC GTD received a total of 209 entries. Deepak Singh ‘dev112410’ Adhikari came out on top to secure himself 1st place and a payout of INR 1,26,183. Debayan ‘dbz19’ Das  finished in 2nd place and took home a cash prize of INR 88,459.

  • PPL#52 4-Max Hyper Turbo (2 LAC GTD) (RE)

The 4-Max Hyper Turbo 2 LAC GTD saw some exciting poker by the 361 entries and reentries that took part in the event. The 1st and 2nd place finishers were Ashish ‘Cyclone6524’ Kumar who received INR 42,000 for winning the title and Bhavneet ‘bhavneet’ Singh received INR 29,400 for being the runner-up. 

  • PPL#53 M.E. Warm Up (20 LAC GTD) (5RE)

The 20 LAC GTD M.E Warm Up was the big event of the day with a total 414 entries. Myron ‘prinakAAchoprAA’ Pereira secured the title with a payout of INR 4,16,070. The runner-up place belonged to Sabita ‘quadkiller007’ Mondal who received INR 2,91,663. 

  • PPL#54 6-Max 2 LAC GTD Hold’em Boost (RE)

The 2 LAC GTD Hold’em Boost featured some of the regular PokerBaazi players. It received a total of 286 entries. Abhishek ‘sharktops’ Kumar came out on top to win the title for INR 63,177 by beating Vishal ‘poojavishal’ Kumar in the final heads-up battle who earned himself INR 44,330. 

  • PPL#55 7-Max MegaStack (10 LAC GTD) (RE)

The final event of the day was a big MegaStack 10 LAC GTD tournament. Sahil ‘ImHighIshove’ Mahboobani and Ayush ‘Proman502’ Garg fought through a field of 333 players to face off against each other in a heads-up battle. Sahil came out on top and received INR  2,57,458 and Ayush received INR 1,80,653 for finishing in 2nd place.

  • PPL#56 (2 LAC GTD) (RE)

The first event of the day was the 2 LAC GTD tournament. Ankit ‘akj290’ Jajodia was the big winner of the event after he beat Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehra in the final heads-up battle. They both earned INR 60,942 and INR 42,760 respectively.

  • PPL#57 BSS PLO (10 LAC GTD) PKO (RE)

The BSS PLO 10 LAC GTD PKO featured some of the regular PokerBaazi players. It received a total of 120 entries. Vinod ‘figureitout’ Megalmani came out on top to win the title for INR 2,35,300 by beating Anuraj ‘13anurag’ Srivastava in the final heads-up battle who earned himself INR 1,65,100.

  • PPL#58 The MoneyMaker (1 CRORE GTD)

The big MoneyMaker was the third event of the day. A total of 1076 entries and reentries battled it out to fight for a place in the exclusive Final Table which is to be played at Casino Pride, 2 in Goa! Here is the list of the 9 finalists:- 

  • PoKcey – Sandeep Singh – 3332755
  • Sammybigstac – Samay Singh Modi –  2945651
  • jksisme – Jai Saha – 2561350
  • blastupinside – Nikhil Arora –  2202442
  • prashant32 – Prashant Bhutoria – 1762218
  • bovada1111 – Raisahib Khurana –  1021792
  • htc170209 – Dinesh Kukreja – 887966
  • bisadip176 – Rony Chowdhury – 869436
  • pinguv – Kunal Vaswani – 556390
  • PPL#59 BSS SuperStack (35 LAC GTD) (5RE)

The BSS SuperStack 35 LAC GTD was played out amongst a total of 892 entries and some of the best players in the country. Rohit ‘ChubbyGhost’ Begwani came out on top against Rohan ‘Anshaa’ Soman in the final heads-up battle and secured himself INR 7,80,500. Devvrat received INR 5,46,796 for his 2nd place finish.

  • PPL#60 6-Max 2 LAC GTD Hold’em Boost (RE)

The penultimate event of the day was the 2 LAC GTD Hold’em Boost. 320 entries competed for the 2 LAC prize pool. At the end, Biswadip ‘bisadip176’ Chowdhury came 1st and secured himself a payout of INR 56,942. Srihari ‘bangbang999’ Bang finished 2nd and earned himself INR 35,826.

  • PPL#61 BSS MegaStack (10 LAC GTD) (3RE)

The MegaStack 10 LAC GTD received a total of 320 entries. Tanmai ‘pooltime741’ Relwani shipped the event quite emphatically. Siddharth ‘siddonuts’ Pandey continued his good run in the PPL as he finished 2nd. Both players earned payouts of INR 2,47,408 and INR 1,73,600 respectively.

This spells the end for the PokerBaazi Premier League. Congratulations for the PokerBaazi team for creating such a unique and profitable tournament, and the players community for making this event such a huge success! To know more about the poker industry, keep reading India Poker News!