PUBG has taken the Esports world by storm! Read more here. A game with a massive user base is bound to have a few rotten apples. The PUBG Esports team has taken on the initiative to screen players and weed out the faulty ones.

Before the start of the first season of the PUBG Global Championship the team will look for “any potential in-game bans related to the use of unauthorized programs on their accounts.” Their global investigation of the active pro players reveal that some players will be ousted from the game for years to come.

The team recently announced 10 more players who have been found using an account with unauthorized software in PUBG matches. With the brand growing in popularity, the World Championship will have a lot of eyes on it and they definitely want keep the cheaters away.

Four players have been slapped with a two year ban for using software that can severely damage the integrity of the game in an insidious manner. Six players who decided to play competitive matches with unauthorized software were given a three-year ban.

The Esports team has also decided to ban players who didn’t use the illegal software but were aware of their teammates using the software during competitive games. “We believe that condoning the cheating activities of teammates to share the common benefit should be as severely punished as performing the activities itself,” PUBG Esports said.The company will be screening all players before future events and will do thorough background checks into the accounts they own.


All is fair in love and Esports!