PokerBaazi’s Brand New Sit & Go’s! 


Sit & Go’s are shorter and faster versions of MTT’s and can be played around the clock! Popularly known as SnG’s, Sit & Go’s are super fun and action packed! You  can choose SnG games based on the number of players, buy-ins and variants like Turbo, Hyper Turbo Time Bomb and satellites!

Let us take a look at some reasons why you would want to play SnG’s:-

  • Easy On Time: SnG’s require much less time than MTT’s to complete! 
  • Play On Demand: SnG’s do not have a fixed starting time and can be played around the clock, whenever you want! 
  • Low Stakes: You can play SnG’s on PokerBaazi for buy-ins as low as INR 11! 
  • Fixed Payouts: SnG’s always have predetermined payouts for the finishers. 

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  • Easy To Play: SnG’s begin as soon as the required number of players is fulfilled. 
  • Beginner Friendly: Ideal for beginners, SnG’s are the perfect stepping stones for beginners who are looking to start playing MTT’s! 
  • Variants: Choose from Turbo, Hyper-Turbo, Time Bomb and satellites in a SnG game. 

SnG’s are ideal for players who do not have a lot of time to grind MTT’s. Players who are still learning the game and want to get a better grasp of the concepts and for those who are considering to start playing MTT’s, SnG’s are perfect for them! 

So, it’s time to head back into the PokerBaazi lobby and choose your favourite SnG format and start grinding! For the latest updates from PokerBaazi, keep reading India Poker News