The Battle Against Poker Bots


Bots plague the online poker market and platform providers are working hard to keep them at bay. In recent news, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) discovered a bot that could be impeding player safety and are working towards mitigating it.

The discovered modern poker bot is said to be using screen-scraping technology. What this means is that the bot is capable of analyzing graphical data that then allows them to interact with actual human players in an online poker hand. A series of tests determined that the poker bots can read pixels and using the information are able to read cards the user has, the position they are in, bet sizes and a whole lot more!

WPN over a course of six months launched four new graphic updates with a hope to stop the bot. Each update was able to prevent the bots from reading the games for a short duration. The result? A few online poker accounts suddenly became less active. WPN then asked these account holders to prove that they were not bots and served an ultimatum to shut down their accounts if not proved. It was reported that over $450,000 of stolen funds were returned to players that played with the bot from these accounts!

This is a groundbreaking discovery in the world of online poker and more online poker service providers will be able to use this information in their fight against bots and eventually bring them down on a much larger scale.

Keeping the safety of their customers as the utmost priority, online poker platforms are certainly more vigilant and active against their battle of the bots. These bots are a peril proving to steal thousands of dollars from human players and the house.

The battle is no short-term one, only time will tell if all the hard work will pay off and stop bots from targeting poker sites.