TheMachine Makes It Two In Two!


Nothing is impossible! To justify saying this aptly, we have Vikram Verma who not only shipped one but two mega tournaments on in the last 2 weeks. We had an interesting chat with Vikram who won last Sunday’s Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD and 10 LAC GTD The Endeavour on 11th July. What’s interesting to note here is that these are the only two tournaments he played on PokerBaazi in over a year’s time. The combined winnings from these two tournaments for Vikram, who plays with the screen name ‘TheMachine’, stand at a massive 5,94,000.

Going through the questions with him, we got closer to the person he is. After a brief talk, we could figure out how Vikram deals with business and the poker passion together as he mentioned, ‘I had been very busy with the ongoing real estate projects because of which I could not give much time to poker tournaments since most of them start at night. But I used to play high stake Omaha cash games online as and when I got time since there are no time constraints. Now that most of my projects are completed, I can focus more on playing tourneys.’

This is not it, being a married person it is always difficult to cover up time for things but Vikram did it all. How does he do it you ask? He happily revealed that his Wife shares the same level of passion for poker.

Vikram travels a lot and we checked how he managed the game along with it, to which he answered, ‘Since travel is my other love I try to combine poker with it to get the best of both. Luckily, my wife is also on the same page when it comes to poker and travel. She understands poker very well so that’s a bonus for me. We are both travel junkies who try to grab every opportunity to travel as much as we can. In fact, I am booking my flight for the Manila PokerStars event as we speak. And I have a good line up of future tournaments kept in mind already for 2017.’

Like every other poker-starter Vikram too started Poker with Zynga poker on Facebook which incidentally, was suggested by his wife itself who already had been playing it.

He has been playing the game regularly and marked almost 10 years now but this time hit the tournament series in the line. To this, he reacted, ‘It always feels good when you win a tournament. It is because you have to plan a strategy unlike in cash games and you have to play differently at every stage. And in the end, when your hours worth of hard work pays off it really feels good.’

Vikram was full of praise for the ongoing Baazi Summer Carnival on PokerBaazi, ‘It is very good for grinders who give multiple hours to the game. They are benefiting from the number of hours they are putting in the game’. recently announced the biggest tournament series, the 2.4 Cr GTD PPL Special Edition to which Vikram excitedly said, ‘I always look forward to playing PokerBaazi tournaments. We need to up our ante in the tournament’s business since people have started taking a keen interest in playing poker. It is good to have such big tournaments in our own country to help the fraternity grow big.’

Going further, he told that he had many exciting hands during the tournament series but the best one he talked about was, ‘During level 3 or maybe level 4. I was on the button. I min raised with A7 suited. Small blind 3 bet me holding JJ. Because the tourney was a “re-entry” I shoved all-in instantly and I won that big pot. That pot helped me build my stack in the tourney.’

This achievement is definitely because of his skillful play and we didn’t leave him without taking some tips for our readers. Vikram advises, ‘Discipline, patience and correct strategy will take you a long way in tourneys. Do not go on tilt as it is only going to do you more harm than good. Keep changing your strategies according to the flow of the tournament.’

Vikram represented India in the Czech Republic and Beijing earlier this year and has been frequent final tables at many Indian and foreign tournaments. We wish Vikram Verma good luck for his future endeavors.

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