A Look Into The Emerging Hybrid Sport Sector

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Imagine serving up that ace with your feet or a featherweight boxer going checkmate! Yes! You’ve imagined it right, the new genre of sport gaining popularity are what they call the hybrid sports. A hybrid sport is a game that takes elements from two or more sports and uses them to create an entirely new game; giving people a fresh take on traditional games that they already know and love.

Hybrid sports are being played with great levels of enthusiasm and some with high competitive spirit which is only giving these games that started off as fun, a more serious sport outlook. A couple of the known sports in the segment include chessboxing, International rules football, slamball, footgolf, football tennis and footvolley. Infact games like chessboxing, footvolley and football tennis have been played in the Indian subcontinent since the 1990s. Football tennis and footvolley have had 8 tournaments since 2010 and the Indian teams have competed at International levels.

With these sports gaining popularity, let’s have a quick look at the games and how they are played:

Chess boxing – A game of brains and brawn. Athletes go up against each other in repetitive alternative rounds of chess and boxing. Matches end with a knock out, a checkmate or the referee panel’s decision.

Football Tennis – Commonly known as Futnet, a sport where you play tennis with soccer rules (no hands). Originated in the 1920s in Czechoslovakia, football tennis is highly popular in Central Europe.

Underwater hockey – Popularly also known as Octopush is a non-contact sport! Players use wooden or plastic sticks the size of a banana to push around a metal puck around the floor of the pool. The sport is considered less violent than its land counterpart Ice hockey. The sport is considered a delight to watch for spectators as they cs only see the ripples on the surface from the action below!

Korfball –The sport was founded in the Netherlands and is also popular in Taiwan and Belgium. A sport that comprises of 4 male and 4 female players in a team and is a blend of netball and basketball.

With a lot of these hybrid games moving from the leisure sport category and making their way up to mainstream sports arena, they are soon to capture a larger global audience and create a new breed of athletes.


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