The Rise Of A New Star, Meet The18 Year Old Prithvi Shaw


It was the India vs West Indies test cricket matches that was garnering attention on the news and it was the crowd going cracy about the little boy behind the bat, Prithvi Shaw.

Nostalgic, as it took India back to when they all fell in love with the little master blaster in the 1980s. The sub-continent is so passionate about the sport, that its rising talents like Prithvi that make the nation proud.

Imagine turning up on day 1 at work and just nailing your performance. Prithvi just did that as he had the honour of celebrating his first test cricket century on his maiden day on the grounds. He did keep up to the buzz around his promising talent and didn’t disappoint the crowd with some great skill with the bat. The back-foot punches, the cut shots and the perfect balance of his short body had people glued as he worked his magic on the pitch.

All this magic didn’t come easy. The little Shaw worked hard by traveling daily from Virar to Churchgate in the wee hours of the morning to train. That was the making of another great player in Indian cricketing history. He went onto score 546 in an inter-school match and with that he knew the pressure was off and this was just the start.

He further went onto to captain the U-19 World Cup team and smashed a few more centuries in the Ranji and Duleep Trophy debuts. His maiden test game and he reached his 100 in 99 balls making him the youngest debutant Centurion in test cricket for India.

Here’s wishing the young man many more centuries ahead!


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