Neymar Jr. Hits the Poker Table With Friends While Recovering from Foot Injury


“The Similarity between Poker and Athletics has always been striking to me. They both trigger the same exciting rush, which I’m sure is what has lured me to the poker table day after day,” Doyle Brunson once quoted.  Poker has grown to become a widely enjoyed game amongst people from all parts of the globe, including some of the biggest names in the sporting industry.

Recently, Brazillian Superstar Neymar Jr. – who is nursing a fractured foot that just underwent a surgery – shared some pictures on his Instagram enjoying a game of poker with a group of friends that included Real Madrid-bound forward Vinicius Jr.

They even had trophies to give away to the top 3 players. It was Neymar himself who eventually came out on top, beating all his friends at the poker table in the end. The Brazillian is currently recovering after undergoing surgery on a broken metatarsal.

Neymar Jr. has had a turbulent first season at PSG after leaving La Liga for £198m. Several whispers suggest that he might join Vinicus Jr. at Real Madrid.

‘If they sign him, Madrid would land one of the best in the world,”  according to Neymar’s former teammate. “But we would still have a squad which I consider better,’ he added.

Poker offers a level ground of play where anyone can win, and sports professionals are usually drawn to the sport owing to the competitive nature of the game.