Two Athletic Careers In One Lifetime


A look into the world’s best athletes and their endeavor to switch their sporting careers.

When you are the best at what you do, why stop there? Today’s top athletes are not retiring from just one sporting career, they are moving onto an entirely new one. This comes from their trait to relive the highs of their victories and chase new ones, filling a void in their lives. Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt have unleashed this new level of athleticism!

Eight time Olympic Champion Usain Bolt is now on a mission to become a professional football player. After serving the tracks and dominating it for years, his retirement goals are to play professional football!

He is currently trying out with the Australian team Central Coast Mariners. Although people question if the fastest man on earth can achieve the skill sets football needs, there is a bigger drive for the Jamacian here. “Athletes like Bolt have what psychologists call a high need to achieve, an innate drive that means they thrive on competition and the need to display to themselves (and others) high competence in a competitive arena,” says Martin Hagger a world-renowned psychologist.

Retirement has known to be daunting for professional athletes. With all the fanfare and stardom dying out, they are often known to slip into depression after hanging up the towel.

The need to experience the adrenaline of victory once again has been the reason for most athletes to attempt comebacks or take a go at a completely new sport. Some often choose the non-competitive means of management and coaching post retirement.

Athletes like Sonny Williams had an elite rugby career going while seamlessly transitioning to a heavyweight boxing champion. Another shout-out to the talented Ellyse Perry who played for both the cricket and football world cup.

A moment of recognition for these multi-talented athletes who are in the pursuit of keeping their thirst for winning alive!