Artificial Intelligence Vs. Poker


Artificial intelligence has proved itself quite capable of mimicking human brain. Its ironical, taking into consideration, the fact that a creation by human mind has become powerful enough to match human intelligence– the creation is today competing against its creator. It’s an important question whether such advancement should be celebrated or sulked upon.
AI has already beaten the sharpest minds and professionals at the game of chess and GO and now recently AI inflicted the strongest blow on mankind when poker professionals (33 in number), specifically chosen by the International Federation of Poker to compete against AI, in the game of poker, one of the most strategic and tamper-proof game, were beaten.
After the defeat of human brain at the hands of AI in games like Chess and GO, poker was considered as one of the games that could only be won by a special ability of the human mind- intuition and not by algorithmic combinations.
This wasn’t the case since the beginning, as experiments as such were conducted earlier too where the human mind proved itself to be best creation of nature by defeating AI. But recently, two AI programmes have been created that successfully defeated the human mind at the game of Texas Hold,em. The team behind one of those AIs, known as DeepStack, has revealed some of the secrets to its success—a triumph that could one day lead to AIs that perform tasks ranging from from beefing up airline security to simplifying business negotiations.

“Still, DeepStack is a few years away from truly being able to mimic complex human decision making“, Bowling says. “The machine still has to learn how to more accurately handle scenarios where the rules of the game are not known in advance, like versions of Texas Hold ‘em that its neural networks haven’t been trained for”, he says.