Tech Trends For Business To Watch Out For In 2019


Lets face it, we live in an age of technology and if your not on top of your game, there is the fear of losing out and becoming redundant. Here are a few pointers to consider:

Smartphones: The smart phone market has come a long way since its launch. What’s more with competition neck to neck, companies are on their toes to capitalize the market. With multiple smartphone brands sprouting in the market, the global average selling price of smartphones is on the decline. The lowered costs are making it easy for developing and less-developed markets to adopt this technology. The emerging markets are key potential for business to tap into for the coming year. Read our in-depth article here.

Mobile Payments: Gone are the days when a payment to a third party was a long drawn paperwork process. Mobile payments have made life much easier, completing ones transaction with ease. China being one of the early movers in this segment has continued to lead the rest of the world with over 500 million active mobile payment users in 2017.

Voice Control: “Ok Google. Play my favorite Bon Jovi song… It’s my life….” Voice controlled products like Amazon Echo and Google home have launched introducing consumers to a whole new lifestyle segment. These products are on the rise with Echo recording more than 30 million users. This is a great feature for companies to integrate in their products or services in the coming year.

Tech Companies: Tech companies have had a roller coaster of a ride in 2017, with several ups and downs making them face what they call the ‘privacy paradox’. Data being the doubled edged sword, they are caught in the cross fire of providing better consumer experiences and violating consumer privacy. However the tech companies still form an inevitable part of most companies and will continue to thrive in the year to come.

Speed of Disruption: We live in the time of ‘NOW’. Consumer adaptation to new markets is unlike before; the millennial is not going to take 80 years to familiarize themselves with dishwashers. Social media is the best example to portray the speed of adoption. This in turn signifies the speed of technological disruption; you have to be ready to go all in at the right time to ensure market capitalization.

Employment: We’ve seen the world change work culture over decades. Expect technology to do just that, but faster. While countries are still transitioning from the secondary to tertiary sector, on-demand and internet-related jobs will predominate giving rise to a new segment of employees.

Artificial Intelligence: The growth of AI will be interesting to keep at an eye out for in 2019! The big giants will offer more artificial intelligence service platforms, as AI becomes a bigger part of companies spending.

Stay ahead of the game!