Chess, Go, Poker and Shogi all Conquered…Whats Next for Artificial Intelligence?


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is predicted to jump in worth from nearly $270 Million last year to an incredible $1.6 Billion by 2025, according to business consultancy Frost & Sullivan. AI has made inroads in various sectors especially with impressive results in strategy games such as Chess, Poker, Shogi and the Japanese abstract strategy board game – Go.

‘It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go – maybe even longer,” said an astrophysicist from Princeton in the late 1990’s. He was proven wrong however as Alphabet’s DeepMind research group set a new milestone when their AlphaGo AI program emerged victorious over professional Go player Lee Sodol in 2016.

A mysterious online Go player named “Master” appeared on the popular Asian game server Tygem, towards the end of 2016. This mystery player dominated in games with several world champions on the system, over the next few days. In the first week of January 2017 however, it was officially confirmed that “Master” was in fact the latest iteration of DeepMind’s AI AlphaGo. The AI also went on to defeat the Go world champion ‘Ke Jie’ in May 2017.

By December 2017, an even newer version of the system called AlphaZero was revealed by DeepMind. This new AI was capable of mastering a variety of games in just a few hours! With barely eight hours of self training AlphaZero could not only defeat previous versions of AlphaGo Zero, but also become a Shogi champion as well as Chess Grandmaster.

So whats next in AI? They can create new games!

Recently, a researcher from the University of Falmouth revealed a machine learning algorithm that, according to him can create its own games for users to play from the beginning.

According to a survey conducted across over 350 AI researchers, by 2027 AI will drive better than humans, write a best selling novel by 2049 and even perform surgery better than humans by 2053!


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