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Tech That Beats Your Poker Face!

A new technology could make maintaining a poker face a tad bit harder in the future. Scientists from Dolby Laboratories behind the new artificial intelligence system say their program can see past the façade of someone’s expressions – even the best poker players in the world. It remains to be seen what, if any, impact this would have on players, but its nevertheless it is a noteworthy development for players and non-players.

Bringing the tech to the felts

Representatives from Dolby Laboratories say they have developed a combined sensor/artificial intelligence system that can detect if someone is bluffing at the table or even lying in court.

The system detects reactions humans can’t readily detect with the naked eye. Pupil dilation reveals how hard the brain is working, and heat radiating from the skin signals whether one is stressed or even romantically peeved.

The amount of carbon dioxide expelled can signal how riled up one is getting. Micro expressions and chemicals in one’s breath help analyze these feelings.

Brain waves can indicate whether one’s attention is diverted, regardless of the fact that they are gazing at the person or the stack of chips in front of them.

Poker Face an integral part of a Successful Strategy

In the meantime, and for the foreseeable future, classic poker strategies will remain imperative to a winning run.

According to a scientific study out of Stanford University, body langua_ge is a strong indicator of hand quality even when a player has a straight face. Even a flashed grin, a subtle sigh off the flop or readjustment of sunglasses could shed light to the strength of their opponents’ hands. The researchers have found a positive correlation, of 0.07, between a player’s read and reality. This goes on to reiterate the importance ‘poker face’ has in most poker player’s psychology.

Furthermore, a good player needs to maintain their composure when they bluff. A minor tell, even something as seemingly insignificant as chip placement, could potentially give away a player’s strategy.

As the game gets hotter, pot sizes grow and players get eliminated, this can get more difficult to do. With more money on the line, the pressure grows. For a vet, it doesn’t take technology to see when a player is on a tilt and poised to lose their bankroll!

Challenges in the Online Poker Landscape

Though most online poker games make it impossible to see other players physical faces, they form patterns around their betting styles which is an equally good giveaway of their hand strengths.

Players have to keep their proverbial poker face with the ways the place their bet. When opponents have no physical movements to go by, they concentrate even more on how much a player stakes and when they do it.

Even with new technologies that threaten to eliminate the poker face, the development of online poker has in many ways lead to the biggest shift in a game. Classic poker at a casino or with friends at a dining table has remained traditional whereas online poker players have created strategies and developments of their own.

The double edged sword

“It is really scary on one level, but on another level, it is really powerful,” says Chief Scientist of Dolby Laboratories, Poppy Crum, “Im a believer that we have to step force in and think about all the ways that this can be used to enable us to develop the right control over it” she says in her TED Q&A session.

It’s fascinating to think technology could one day allow us to monitor someone’s most indistinct physical reactions to determine his or her genuineness. How that translates to games like poker remains to be witnessed, but players can remain confident that the most important parts of the game transcend any new technology and will remain under human control!

On that note, time to hit up Lady Gaga’s Poker face , turn up the volume and don’t let that smirk get away!


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