The New Blockchain Social Network


The brainchild of a young female Chinese entrepreneur

24 year old Beijing native Xu Ke was born with a gift for numbers. It was but natural for her to test the waters with poker and over time she developed the knack for it. Her time spent as an exchange student in the Univeristy of Riverside, California gave her the platform to practice regularly and master her skills in probability and risk assessment.

The poker felts naturally exposed her to an array of new businesses, and one such market was that of the Cryptocurreny. Naturally curious Xu was next seen dabbling with the Bitcoin. The more the experience in the market, the more she started believing in the philosophy of decentralization of currencies via blockchain.

In 2014, Xu was back in China, however she continued playing poker and investing in Bitcoin. She’d have a big win in poker and invest that money into Bitcoin. Xu had a towering 50000 bitcoin units during her hay days. She finally chose to exit with 20000 bitcoins in 2014 that were valued at around $4.8 million!

In hindsight, she dawns upon the feeling that she exited too soon, for the evaluation now would have been close to $120 million. But this young go getter, made no pauses, she was quick enough to begin working on her idea of a free social network based on block chain technology, in which all user data would be decentralized and a self-governing reward system.

Christened Ono, the beta version launched this April and is said to have garnered 3 million members according to Xu.

Xu says, “The internet belongs to all of us. But it’s become so centralized now. Most of top ten tech companies in the world built their net worths by selling user data.”

“This is why blockchain is important, you own the data yourself,” she says, reemphasizing on the fact that her company will not be able to sell user data as it is a decentralized app. Ono is run democratically and allows members to retain ownership of their content and get rewarded with digital currency that can be traded or used for in-app purchases.

Investors such as China Growth Capital and Korea Investment partners have funded Ono with $16 million Nome. It is currently available on Android’s Playstore and the iOS version is due to release in a month. The Ono is also currently accessible via any web browser. The platform is said to be a culmination of twitter and weibo (china’s leading microblogging social media platform) and off course with no character limit.

This young entrepreneur has some drive, her mantra:

“I enjoy winning more than making money,” I want to build something that lasts.”