5 Tips To Crush Flop C-Betting


At the small stakes and mid-stakes levels, there are a lot of players who are unfamiliar with the concept of C-betting or make a lot of mistakes on the flop that cost them their stacks. In this blog, we’ll go through some poker tips that will help you with flop continuation betting (C-Betting) and earn you deeper runs and more final tables! 

Group Flops Into Sub-Categories

There are 1,755 strategically different types of flops. It’s impossible to learn strategies for everyone single one of the types separately. However, what you can do is that you group them together into sub-categories like  Axx, K/Q + 2, paired and monotone. This will make learning c-betting on the flop strategies easier for you. 

C-Bet More In-Position That Out-Of-Position

Check out your c-betting stats right now. If your c-betting In-Position and Out-Of-Position percentages are close together, then you’re doing something wrong! Either you’re not c-betting enough in position. Or you’re c-betting too much out of position. 

C-Bet More Often On Paired Boards

If you take a look at a solver, it will almost always advocate for a small bet size and very often! The Big Blind will have a high proportion of very strong hands but also hands that are likely to fold to a big c-bet! When we bet small the Big Blind has to call more often, and very often these hands are not that strong.

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C-Bet Big/Check On Low Boards

Both low connected and low unconnected boards have a big c-bet or check strategy. You must think about the range of the Big Blind and if the board connects with their range or not. They will often have hit their pairs on lower boards and have made hands such as two pairs, straights or sets. When we have too many hands that can’t comfortably c-bet and call a check-raise, we have to c-bet a more polarised range and start checking back some hands.

Frequently C-Bet Flops That Are Good For Your Range

Look out for the boards that are the best for your range and bet them very frequently. These boards include 2 Broadway, ABB, ABx since we have a higher proportion of the very strong hands like sets, two pairs and straights.

These tips may seem like pretty common things to do while playing poker. But a lot of players still make mistakes and lose money by not c-betting the correct number of times. Hopefully, these tips will help you understand and apply and adapt your game to a better level. 

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