Are you really ready to move up on the felts?


The yesteryears of your poker career are made of micro stake games and long hours of grinding. But the sport is all about pushing the envelope and reaching for higher stakes to try and maximize your win rate.

However playing higher limits comes with it’s own perils. Players often make the mistake of jumping to the next level too soon. Here are a few things you need to ensure your doing right, before stepping it up.

Crushing it at your level

Ensure your game is at it’s best and crushing the competition. If your game is not where it needs to be, the hungry sharks in the next level will eat you alive for dinner.

Yes, your bankroll!

No matter your skill set and level of experience, you must ensure you’ve locked down a good chunk to be able to play higher stakes. This will ensure you have enough cash to battle the variance and will make you feel more confident on the table.

Be prepared to drop back down

The swings in poker are inevitable and this is something post poker players need to learn to deal with as they rise up the ranks. Higher stakes sometimes don’t necessarily turn out as planned. From unfavorable variances to fiercer competition a lot of factors might bog you down. But its all about the mental strength and players should be mentally prepared to go back down to their previous level to build back their bank roll incase of such situations.

Keeping the learning curve going

Poker has its perks, but it doesn’t come without the hard work. It’s easy for players to get comfortable with their game and not progress further. Players need to spend time analyzing their hands, taking notes etc and have the constant drive to improve their game. Remember as the levels get higher so do the strategies in the game and you would want to do your homework on this one.

Prepare yourself for the adjustment

With a lot of players playing poker fulltime, they depend on their winnings for their bread and butter. Moving up to higher levels often comes with an adjustment period since you might be losing or breaking even on these games. Ensure you set some money aside that will have you covered during these times or just learn to cut down on the frivolous spending.

We all know it, but hesitate to apply it. Here’s a read to keep at the back of your mind throughout your poker career.