The Basics of Texas Hold’em


Texas Hold’em Poker Games are something worth gaining knowledge and trying your hands on. Poker learning includes knowing the poker strategies well enough so that you can grind smoothly and put your competitors under your control.
Poker is not a game of luck it’s a game of persistence, dedication, observation, behavioral science and strategy. Playing poker demands a skills and strategy that can make money or bring you to an edge of losing your entire bankroll.
So, how do you play poker? Poker, especially Texas hold’em, is no rocket science. The game generally involves 9 people on one table but a minimum of 2 people are required to begin the action.
Talking about Texas Hold’em precisely, it includes 6 players including the dealer, small blind (the person sitting on the dealer’s left), Big blind (the person just beside the small blind). Texas Hold’em requires a deck of 52 cards devoid the jokers.

The play begins by dealing two hole cards to each players which is the start of pre-flop round. Judging on these two cards the players start their bets. Then the betting round starts where the Small blind and big blind have to necessarily bet. The big blind value is usually double the amount of small blind. This amount decides the minimum bet of the other players. Subsequently, the other players either check, bet or fold as per the strength of their hole cards.
After the pre- flop round, the first three community cards are kept face up on the board. This marks the ‘flop’ round. Here, each player decides on whether he would place the bet, raise the bet, check or fold the game, on the basis of the combination they can make with 5 cards including the community cards and their two hole cards. Once all the players have bet equal amount, the next turn round ensues.

Next, the fourth card known as the turn card is flipped on the board. The round then continues just as it did in the flop round. This leads to either elimination of players or increase in the stakes.

After the pot fetches equal bets from the players, the game moves on to the final round – the ‘river’ round. Now the last card, i.e the river card is kept face up on the board.

Another round of betting ensues and finally if a showdown occurs then the best hand wins.


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