Simple Mistakes That Make You A Losing Player

Simple Mistakes That Make You A Losing Player

Most poker players don’t realize how many mistakes they are making. A limp preflop might seem innocuous but small, repeated mistakes are the downfall of most beginning poker players.

Understanding this is powerful because it can allow you to drastically increase your win rate with straightforward and simple changes.

Big Picture Goals

  • Your goal is to steal pots you enter preflop for a good price. 
  • If that fails, your range is strong and you can make profitable postflop bluffs or connect frequently. 
  • 3-betting preflop should be a staple of your strategy.
  • Flat calling raises shouldn’t be done frequently (<10% of the time outside of the big blind).

Immediate Actions

  • Never open limp, always open raise instead (or fold).
  • 3-bet or fold in 6-max as a default strategy (except from the big blind)
  • In position, C-bet small 100% of the time in a Heads Up pot. 
  • Use small bets like 20-30% of the pot in multiway pots. 

These are pretty basic suggestions and tips for beginners who are making these mistakes across low and mid-stakes. Players need to understand that realizing that they’re making mistakes is the first step to improving your game.

These tips will help you stop losing money in situations where you’ve been outplayed or simply getting unlucky because you’re out-of-position and the in-position player traps you with a better hand! For more interesting poker tip and strategies, keep reading India Poker News!