Small Advice On 3-Betting And Calling Raises!

Small Advice On 3-Betting and Calling Raises

Hey guys! Today, we’re going to be talking a little bit about 3-betting and calling raises. Beginning players who do not study the game enough tend to play a lot of hands irrespective of their value and merits postflop.

Many players just see two pretty looking cards and decide that they’re worth more than half of their stacks! If you have the proper 3-betting and calling strategies and you’re playing lower stakes or in soft fields, you’ll instantly be in an advantageous position. 

The beauty of even basic 3-bet aggression is that defending against it is more complicated than executing it. Getting small but repeated advantages from 3-betting is central to beating small-stakes NLHE.

Why is 3-betting so effective? Simply because players are playing way too many hands and creating a lot of dead money preflop. 3-bet, force them to fold and earn yourself an immediate profit. If they call that 3-bet, it means that they’re calling too many hands and it’ll give you a chance to apply pressure postflop with your tight but aggressive range of hands! 

The only way someone can defend against this is if they open-raise proper hands/have the correct calling ranges/make correct folds/4-bet with the right frequency. VERY DIFFICULT TO DO. 

In fact, this is something that few poker players at mid-stakes or higher-limit games do correctly. This is why aggressive 3-betting is a staple strategy for every significantly winning poker player.

There are two goals that you want to have for 3-betting and calling strategies:

  • Learn the hands you must 3-bet frequently.
  • Learn when you should be calling other players’ raises. (not often) 

Hopefully these small tips about the importance of 3-betting and calling help you gain some easy money and take down pots without any hassle. 

This is a pretty good strategy for someone who is playing low and mid-stakes against players of lesser calibre or less experience. 

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