Tips To Understand And Boost Your Winrate

Tips To Understand And Boost Your Winrate

In this article, we’re going to be talking about Winrate. We’re going to be talking about how you can better understand your win rates as well as how to improve them! 

What Is Winrate?

Winrate is measured in terms of big blinds won per 100 hands (bb/100). Winrate is usually used in cash games but it can also be used for multi-table tournaments although the preferred term for that is ROI. 

Importance Of Winrate

Knowing about your winrate is important because it gives you an idea about how fast you’re winning and on top of that it gives you information about where you’re lacking and where you need to focus your attention when studying. 

Return On Investment (ROI)

If your ROI is 30%, you’re expecting to make a profit of 30 bucks on every 100 bucks you spend on tournaments. However, ROI is highly skewed by short-term results and is not always a great measure to see whether you’re winning in the game! However, it can help identify tournament-specific leaks, especially when used alongside your bb/100.

Winrate And Solvers

Some solvers like the MonkerSolver has a neat feature that allows you to see winrate the solver would achieve if it played against itself. The biggest takeaway from this is that you should be winning a lot more hands/big blinds from the button than from early position. It also suggests that it’s totally normal to lose in the blinds.

This is because if you folded every time you were in the small blind your winrate would be -50bb/100. Similarly, the BB would be -100bb/100. So any numbers higher than these like -12.9bb/100 in the SB and -35.1bb/100 in the BB is a pretty big win.

Things That Affect Your Winrate

Over time, new formats of the game have developed that encourage you to make -EV (negative expected value) decisions in order to win more money. We’re, of course, talking about PKOs/Bounty Builders. These events are bound to affect your winrate. Other things that can affect your winrate are playing against better players, misapplying the theory, playing poorly, not making the most out of situations against bad players. Or you’re simply not focused enough to apply everything that you’ve studied. 

How To Improve Your Winrate

First and foremost, you should study and understand the fundamentals of poker tournament play. Then you should apply the same against the players who are deviating from the fundamentals and where they can be exploited. You cannot do either of these things. You must work on both.  

And finally, play in tournaments where you have an edge. If you play against players who are weaker than you, your winrate (and ROI) will go up! Winrate is an important figure to know about in poker. It’ll help you find leaks in your game and where you need to spend your time studying. Focus on the immediate things that will affect your winrate, i.e, how much you study and what you study!

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