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Beginner Mistakes Poker Players Can Avoid

Before you dive deep into your poker career. Here are a few more tips on how you can survive being bullied by the pros (sharks) and minimize your losses even while learning. Important tips from part 1 which you may read in detail here talks about not playing too many hands, the fear factor, early commitments to specific hands and improper bet sizing.

Keeping it simple, this article will cover a few more tips that can help avoid the shark bite.

#5 – Chasing

Beginners often the tendency of staying in a hand with the hope that the cards that appear will improve their hand (similar to early hand commitment). The common ones being a straight draw, flush draw or calling in order to pair a high card or hoping to hit a set with pocket pairs. This again leads us back to improper pot odds. If you haven’t got that covered while betting on a flush draw, your money is on the line. Chase the right odds!

#6 – Overvaluing Marginal Hands

Another common mistake is jumping the gun based on hands that look good on the surface. Chances are in reality the hand holds lesser value or being dominated by other better hands. A simple example would be a suited cars or a high card with a bad kicker (K3, Q5). The problem is simple, there aren’t many flops that you should be confident about giving you the best hand, chances are even if you do pair, there are enough higher pairs waiting to get you. Face value doesn’t not equal play value.

#7 – Playing Out of Position

This one’s crucial, so pay attention. Position is everything; it determines the order on which your action will occur on the table. Being the last one to act in a hang allows you to see how everyone else has acted on their hands before making your decision. Say if your under the gun (UTG) or UTG +1 don’t make the mistake of rushing into entering the pot or calling a raise with cards you think look good cause you have absolutely no control over the first round of betting that will follow behind you. Don’t get lost early, study the table based on your position and make a better-informed decision.

#8 – Playing Above Your Bankroll

Another crucial one, start early or this one might get you in a lot of trouble! Variance is an inevitable part of poker and its important that you acknowledge that right in the start. You might be playing great, but you could be going through a losing streak. Play within your limits and learn to manage your poker money, otherwise you’ll be burning through your winnings like rocket fuel.

#9 – The Queen of hearts – emotions coming into play

There is no success formula to this one and it’s all in your own hands. A bad day at work, a tiff with a friend or just a bad hand is capable of triggering negative emotions. Now that’s the last thing you want, making an emotional decision on the poker table. What goings to happen if you do? You will be chasing losses, making desperate moves that defy the basics of poker and your ego monster is going to take over! Remember to take a step back and reset your mind and do not take it out on your hand. Practice this tip early in your career and who knows, you might just get the Shark’s dinner!

To wrap up, make the right mistakes not the same ones!

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