Top 3 Basic And Effective MTT Strategies


Multi table poker tournaments can be tricky for a lot of new players who’ve just started out playing with real money. The large fields and patience required to get through the levels can lead to beginners making some silly mistakes which ends up with them getting stacked off!

A little bit of guidance and strategy about poker bankroll management could significantly help your game and get deep runs in tournaments! Here are the Top 3 basic strategies that’ll help you cope with the pressures of MTT’s and sustain a stack

Avoid Getting Into Too Many Hands

In tournaments, with a large number of players, it’s easier to lose a significant amount of chips in the beginning if you play too many hands. It’s better to play a bit tight and try to get in with decent hands that have good post flop equity and do well on the flop. Let go of most unsuited hands and you’ll avoid uneasy spots. 

Conversely, feel free to play suited connectors such as 9-10 as they have more chances to improve as the round progresses. However, make sure, your stack size allows you to risk money on these hands. A aggressive poker strategy early on is the way to go for new players getting used to big field tournaments. 

Take Advantage When You Have An Average Stack

Unfortunately, most players, beginners, regulars alike find themselves in this situation during the mid-stage of MTTs. So, if you are carrying an average stack in online poker tournaments, a safe way to beef up is to include hands like AJ, and KQ. Raising preflop and c-betting against tight players will help you add some decent and important blinds to your stack. However, apply this poker tournaments strategy only when you find your spots. For most parts, you better keep it tight.

Raising The Blinds With A Short Stack

This is all about making use of the profile you have created for yourself throughout the tournament. If you have a short stack and raise the blinds from the button or late position, they’ll most likely fold even if you’re raising with a mediocre hand. This will happen because they see you as a tight player who wouldn’t risk money without a decent hand. 

Re-raising the raiser is also an effective poker tournament strategy in MTTs. If a player on your left likes to open a lot but doesn’t like to go all-in unless with premium hands, re-raise him on dry boards such as K-9-2. You can choose to flat call on the flop and raise on the turn to mix things up.

These 3 strategies will help you last longer in tournaments and when you start applying these basic strategies to your game, you’ll be put into different situations and will have to adapt. That’s how you learn! 

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