5 Ways In Which Poker Can Make You More Focused At Work! 

5 Ways In Which Poker Can Make Your More Focused At Work

To the people who play and understand poker and what it’s all about or what all there is to know about the game, we know that it’s much more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. 

Sports psychologists and researchers believe that poker has the ability to make you review your brain, make you more analytical and make logical decisions. 

Today, we’ll take a look at how poker improves you and helps you stay more focused at work and life in general. 

  • Decision Making

Poker will help you develop better analytical and reasoning skills. The more you play the game, you’ll start realising that these things become second nature to you and it’s easier for you to make logical decisions! 

  • Boosts Memory

A poker player must remember what he’s learned about the game, about the players at the table and keep track of all the moves they’re making. All of this together helps players make informed decisions. Memory plays a big part in playing better than others in the game and continuously playing the game will only boost your memory and retention.

  • Read People Better

There’s a popular saying in poker that, “you don’t play the cards, you play the man.”  Even though this isn’t 100% true, having strong reads on players can help you put them in tough spots and get them to make mistakes or simply fold. Playing poker will help you make better estimations about people’s behaviours and their tendencies. 

  • Discipline

Poker is a game of discipline and patience. Sometimes, you go hours and hours without picking up a good hand to play or you’re simply running bad and cannot win a pot. Poker tests your character. If you cannot be disciplined about what you do at the table and otherwise, you might not ever become a successful poker player.

This is one thing that I personally respect about some of the top players in the country. They are so dedicated to their art and the game. They’re disciplined and rarely make slip-ups. 

  • Handling Pressure

Poker is also about handling your nerves. Staying calm and collected when you’re being faced with tough decisions. Facing tough spots, being put under pressure is very normal in poker. The game itself will help you become thick-skinned. You’ll be able to face certain situations in life head-on. 

All of these things together help you become a better person and also help you stay focused on other things that you do. Poker is a sport and it is a lifestyle. For more interesting articles about the game, keep reading India Poker News