Highly Beneficial Diet Changes For Poker Players


Everyone that plays poker is concerned about turning a profit. Going through hours and hours of playing requires a lot of energy which leaves very little time for some to worry about their health. We have a few pointers about how you can maintain your health, concentrate for longer periods of time and maintain proper energy levels. 

1. Cutting Out Caffeine

Chugging all those energy drinks and mugs of coffee will get you up and running but only for so long. Caffeine is a good but short term fix. Instead, we’d recommend eating or drinking something which helps you keep your energy levels up for a longer period of time. For example, try eating slow-burning carbohydrates or energy foods such as bananas. 

2. Increase Your Water Consumption

Drinking water is a very effective way to maintain good energy levels. But the only problem with drinking water is that it’s simply boring. Get over that fact and understand this, it helps keep your system healthy and your brain hydrated. Drinking ample amounts of water while grinding will definitely help you concentrate better and for longer periods. 

3. Planning Your Live Tournament Trip Diet

For a lot of Live tournament players, going on a trip and eating whatever you like can be an easy excuse about not following a proper diet. But in reality, cheating on your home diet while you’re away is not a wise decision. We recommend you to research about the country and city and what all you can eat in order to maintain your diet and health. Making a proper plan will help you stay fit and healthy. 

4. Write Down What You Eat 

Maintaining dietary discipline can be crucial. Just write down what all you eat and you will never go astray from your regular diet. 

5. Proper Eating During Online Grind 

A lot of players eat junk and munch on almost anything during online grinding sessions and get frustrated when they lose a big pot making a bad decision at 2 in the night. Planning what you eat during those 5 minutes breaks can also be crucial to how long you’ll last during the entirety of the tournament. 

If you’ve got a handle on your snacking and general food and drink consumption while playing online, you’re far less likely to simply mash buttons because it’s online and no-one can see you doing it except you.

Eating healthy and maintaining a proper diet is a poker hack. Also, it’s pretty difficult to master. But with practice and regularity, you can stay healthier and keep crushing live and online events

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