6 Uncommon Poker Terms Explained

Poker Terms Explained

For new players who start out by reading blogs and articles about poker strategy, it gets confusing to understand some technical terms of jargon that are used in the poker world. Today, we’ll be explaining 6 such uncommon terms that you may or may not have heard off!

  • Shootout

A shootout tournament is a tournament where each table is played down to the last man standing. There is a shootout tournament held at the World Series Of Poker as well. For example, 1000 players may enter 100 ten handed tables. The 100 winners of those tables will then be divided into 10 tables and the final 10 players will make their way to the Final Table to determine a winner. 

  • Short Stack

Usually the player with the least amount of chips at the table. This term is also used to describe an unpleasant position at the table. 

  • Set-Mining

Set-mining is a strategy used in poker where you have a pocket pair and look to hit the same card on the flop in order to make three-of-a-kind, aka a set. 

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  • Side Bet

There are many different kinds of side bet in poker, but the meaning can be boiled down to any bet made outside of the pot. Often players may bet on what colour the flop might be, or whether a certain hand will win.

  • Semi-Bluff

A semi-bluff is a move you make when you do not have the best hand at the moment but can significantly improve the strength of your hand if you hit on later streets. 

Example: “My bet with only ace-high was a semi-bluff as I could still make a backdoor flush”

  • Smooth Call

Smooth calling or flatting is matching your opponent’s bet. Most players do this with drawing hands or to disguise the strength of their hands. By calling when a raise would be the usual line, they can keep their opponent in the pot and hopefully win more money off them.

Hopefully, now you guys will not have any trouble understanding these terms whenever you come across them! 

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