5 Simple Tips To Get Better At Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is not a variation of poker that a lot of people love. However, it can be really profitable and fun to play when you know how to maneuver yourself during pots. People who have played PLO enough know exactly when to stick to the rules and basics and when it’s time to gamble. 

But if you’re new to the game, then it’s better to follow the simple basic rules that will help you win more and lose less! When you’ve won enough and had experience to mix up your playing style, that’s when you can start breaking away from the rules.

  • Always Play PLO Within Your Bankroll

Don’t chase bigger games because they look good unless you’re more than willing to go broke. You should have a bare minimum of 50 buy-ins for the level you’re playing. PLO is a very swingy game, and you most likely do not want to give away half your bankroll trying to chase fish! 

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  • Play The Odds In PLO

Playing the odds is what makes poker a profitable/beatable game and separates it from other table games. You can choose when to put money into the pot! Pot odds become very important in PLO and if you do not have good equity, you shouldn’t continue post flop. Make +EV plays and avoid -EV and you’ll do well in the long run! 

  • Nut Peddling In PLO

PLO is a very loose game and people semi-bluff with nut blockers a lot. Play tight and try to make the nuts and you’ll keep laddering up! A lot of people spew their stacks away a lot in PLO. Realise your equity in the hand and go all-in only when you know you’re way ahead! 

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  • You Must Be Able To Fold Aces In PLO

Aces are always tempting. But in PLO, if you cannot get them in preflop, then it’s better to slow play them. Pairs do not perform well in Omaha at showdown. You can get aggressive if you have something like double suited Aces – AdAcJdTc type of hands! 

  • Keep Control Of Your Emotions

PLO is high variance and extremely swingy. Stack shifting is very normal in a session of PLO. It’s very easy to go on tilt once pots are not going your way. Keep your emotions in check and wait for the right moments and play your hands to the best of your ability! 

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Sticking to these rules will not guarantee you success, but these basic tips will help you not lose your money at PLO! 

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