Quick Fixes To Better Your Poker Game

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Are you at the stage where you know how popular a card game poker is? How much fun it is to play? Have your eyes on the big money? But don’t know how to make most of the game. Here are a few quick tips to help better the game you are currently stagnated at!

Strengthen that pre-flop game

Poker strategies are evolving with the players and competition. Therefore it is important to use your extra time to analyze the strategies of your opponents. Learn how to check out their tactics and know which hands are down. Having a strong pre-flop game is a great way to improve your game. Live players play around 20 to 25 hourly, while online poker players can go to even 600 hands per hour. Remember; don’t play a hand if you think the risks are high.

Know how to bluff.

Your table image is important in today’s game. Playing tight and not bluffing might be considered safe play. But your opponents can exploit this weakness and walk away with chips. Its important to play into your opponents psyche and pressurize them with big pot values even if you don’t have them. Taking advantage of your opponent’s patterns certainly makes your more versatile, thus increasing your win rate ratio.

Don’t make drastic changes

It’s important not to get carried away by your emotions through your ups and downs in poker. Don’t make drastic changes to your playing style or bankroll management when you’re rolling in the good times. Stay in control of your emotions and stick to what you know and what got you there. Capitalize on the upswings and don’t slip further down.

Select your game wisely

Know which level to play at. If you are dominating at a lower stake, but only scraping through at a higher stake, stick to playing lower stakes. Don’t let ego be the name of the game. It’s crucial for a poker player to move up the stakes only when it’s the right time, read our detailed article here.

Fast play your strong hands

The game is changing and it’s important to stay with the new trends of the game. Slow playing might sound safe, but it’s no longer the same. A slow game indicates that you’re afraid of chasing your opponents. Bet strong hands as soon as possible. This certainly safeguards your funds and helps build a good table image. Remember you can also use it as a double-edged sword!

Network. Network.

Surround yourself with poker friends who will help you advance your skills. Networking certainly helps gain ideas and insights that might just help better your game. Use this tool to shorten your learning curve and move up stakes!

Be more in control of your game and your eyes fixed on that money!


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