11 Quick Tips To Boost Your Online Poker Winnings


We believe that poker is the greatest card game ever made and even though there is a big aspect of luck involved in the game, there are a number of things you can do that will help you build your bankroll and maintain it. 

List of 11 quick tips you can learn and get used to in order to boost your poker winnings 

1. Set A Loss Limit For A Session: 

There are a lot of players who start playing but do not know when to stop. We advise beginners of the game to set a loss limit for themselves when they sit down to play a session. Keeping control on how much you lose is an important aspect of bankroll management.

2. Observing Your Opponents Game

Poker is not just about how you play the game. It’s also a lot about how much you know about your opponents. We recommend new players to try to observe people play before sitting on the tables. This will help you with certain patterns or habits of players which you can use against them and take down pots! 

3. Time-Limited Poker Sessions: 

Set time limits on your poker sessions. This will help you maintain the stack of chips you have. Of course there’s no limit to how much you can win or lose in a poker game but setting a time limit will help you stay disciplined and constructive in your decision making. 

4. Control Your Emotions

Keeping your emotions in check is crucial to winning big or losing big. The moment you feel that you’ve made a decision based on the fact that the opponent has been annoying you on the table or doesn’t behave particularly well instead of analysing the situation, it’s time to get up and leave. Tilting will leave you frustrated and it’s a vicious circle. 

5. Hone Your Skills Playing Freerolls

Freerolls are the perfect place to learn and practice new strategies or techniques. You have nothing to lose and have a chance to earn a decent sum of money by playing the right way. 

6. Concentration is Key

One of the most underrated aspects of poker is the amount of concentration it requires from an individual. There are a lot of things going on in a hand and you must be at your best in every hand to boost your winnings! 

7. Don’t Multitask While Playing

A continuation point from the previous one, it’s better not to do anything else when you’re at a table and your objective is to win. It’ll help you avoid losing concentration and make it easier to focus. Listening to a little bit of light music is the best way to grind long sessions. 

8. Opt For Multi-tabling Only If You Can Focus

Do not play more than one or two tables at once you cannot concentrate properly across multiple tables. Reading the opponent’s game is an important aspect of getting the best out of your hands and multi-tabling does not always allow you to do that. 

9. Play Tight-Aggressive and Don’t Try To Catch Bluffs

Playing TAG or tight-aggressive is the most recommended strategy for beginners. Also, try not to catch players bluffing in small pots because if they’re experienced enough to entice you into making such decisions, it can be a problem for you and you can end up losing a sizable portion of your stack! 

10. Avoid Taking Rebuys In Tournaments

As beginners, it’s better not to reload or take multiple rebuys. We’ll advise you not to rebuy unless you don’t have more than 35 big blinds when you rebuy. Take your shot and play properly to make the most of your buy-in! Also, getting bad beats and losing marginal hands is a part of the game. DON’T TILT.  

11. Register At The Start Of Tournaments

Playing a tournament from the beginning will allow you to have more big blinds and give you a chance to play some poker and build your stack. Although a lot of people believe that it’s easier to play with a smaller stack which implies that there are only a handful of decisions you can make but having more big blinds will make you more responsible and have respect for your stack. 

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