Top Betting Tips To Improve Your Game

Top Betting Tips To Improve Your Game

Today’s poker strategy blog will teach about some basic tips and strategies about betting that will improve your poker game by leaps and bounds! These tips will increase the amount you’re winning as well as reduce your losses! 

  • Aggression Is Great

Playing your hands aggressively will allow you to take down the pot in two ways: at showdown with the best hand or by making your opponents fold. If you’re playing too passive, you’ll only be winning pots at showdown. 

Betting will allow you to build pots when you have strong hands and get the pots for free when you’re bluffing! It’s always better to take the front foot and bet rather than letting your opponents dictate play (unless you have the nuts and are trying to trap). 

  • Always Ask Yourself What Your Bets Accomplish

There are a few ways in which you can go by betting in poker. The most common method is that: 

  • You’re either betting as a bluff (to get better hands to fold)
  • Or for value (to get worse hands than yours to call), and this thinking undoubtedly has merit to it. 

You could also continue betting in order to deny your opponent equity. This means that if you think that your opponent is on a drawing hand, you can bet in order to make them fold and take down the pot. 

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Now there are multiple factors to consider when in order to figure out what your betting accomplishes. These factors must always ensure that your betting has a purpose and will be effective. 

Some questions to ask yourself include the following:

  • Are you trying to deny your opponent the correct expressed pot odds?
  • Are you trying to get called by worse hands?
  • Are you trying to keep your opponents’ range wide?
  • Are you trying to represent a specific hand (or narrow range of hands)?
  • Are you trying to push your opponent off the pot?
  • Does your betting story make sense for the hand that you’re trying to represent?

  • Bet And Raise Your Drawing Hands

Selecting which hands to bet with in poker is also a skill. Typically, you should play a good portion of your draws aggressively on the flop and turn. (And carefully select which missed draws to bluff with on the river)

This makes it tougher for your opponents to put you on a hand and counteract, as well as keep them guessing whether you have the goods or not. Keep in mind that it’s much better to bluff at your missed straight draws than missed flush draws. Your opponent is more likely to have missed flush draws in his range


If the action folds to you pre-flop, always raise a standard amount like 2x or 3x and never limp unless someone has already limped before you. 

This helps to keep your range linear. This will make it harder for your opponents to play hands against you. 

  • It also helps build a pot.
  • To thin the field (usually increasing your equity of winning the pot)
  • Helps you take the initiative in the hand that’ll frequently carry over to post-flop play.

The opening sizing should be consistent. This won’t give out information that you’re opening bigger with strong hands and smaller with weaker hands. 

These four tips are good enough for you to start applying them at the beginner level. Study more about bet sizing and strategies and continue to improve your game! 

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