What Is The Right Bet Size?


A key factor in your winnings and losses in a game of Poker is your bet size.

It is also a major differentiator between amateurs and pros. At the end of the day, you will realize that optimum bet sizing has maximized your winnings and minimized your losses. So, what is the optimum bet size?

Always keep in mind that your bet size should be relevant to the current pot size. Your bet size should be big so that your opponent gets bad odds to make a call and when you get a call on bad odds, it means money in your wallet. In almost all situations, a big bet as big as 3/4th the pot size or higher will be a good bet. However, there are rare situations when a small bet, 1/4th or half the pot size, will be better for you. When you are sure about your hand and are certain that your opponent won’t call a big bet, only then the small bets are beneficial to generate maximum profit out of that hand.

The advantage of a big bet over a small bet is not just in extracting the maximum profit out of a hand but also in helping you out in putting your opponents on more precise range of hands. A player will only call your big bet or big raise if he has strong cards but will call a min bet or min raise on any draw.

The most important part of the game where you should apply optimum bet sizing is pre-flop. A good pre-flop bet size is 3 or 4 times the big blind (BB). If you make a smaller bet, you are going to attract calls on random cards, which are sure to raise probabilities of you getting a bad beat.

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