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New Game of Thrones Gaming Chairs Announced by Secretlab and HBO

A gamer considers his chair a shrine and Game of Thrones fans needn’t be reminded of the importance of a chair! Bringing the two worlds together Secretlabs and HBO just announced a new line of gaming chairs to hear their fandom screaming! The limited-edition chairs feature three of the most prominent houses from the show. The Stark, Lannister and Targaryen houses are the chosen ones each represented with their unique colours and sigils.

Secretlab are creators of gaming and office chairs of both themed and traditional kinds. Each of the three chairs are available in either Omega or Titan lines of products reveals the company’s website. The Omega chairs start at $389 each while the Titan chairs are a bit more and are available for $429 each. The chairs are available to pre-order now and estimated shipping date is mid-July or earlier.

The chair comes equipped with the models’ award-winning features, such as the multi-tilt mechanism, four-directional armrests, signature cold-cured foam as well as the fully adjustable lumbar support (Titan variant) and the highly acclaimed memory foam lumbar pillow (Omega variant).

Professional Poker players who spend hours playing online poker give equal importance to their playing environment. From ergonomically designed furniture to the latest technological gadgets to ease their playing experience, they’ve got it all. The Game of Thrones chairs seems to be a perfect fit for all those poker players who are major GoT fans, get your hands on one, let the games begin!


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