Start your poker journey today with’s FreeRoll tournaments


Poker has definitely picked up amongst the masses in the country today and why not! A fun challenging game that tests quick decision making skills and your ability to tackle different situations, all while standing a chance to make some serious money. It’s no wonder the sport has gained such popularity in recent years!

What many don’t understand however is that there is a great deal of hard work and commitment that goes into sharpening one’s poker skills. Hours of study, hand reviews, discussions, and of course tons of volume on the felts are some of the traits of a successful poker player. Being able to choose your games and stakes correctly is another extremely important aspect. All these qualities can be built slowly over a period of time, but what many players tend to worry about is the amount of money they may end up losing in the process of getting to that point of becoming “a good player”. Well, fair point.

Home-grown poker website recently completed their fourth successful year in the sector, having enjoyed rapid progress in their journey thus far. The company launched the first ever 1-Crore guaranteed tournament The MoneyMaker, following which they recently launched an industry-leading player rewards system called Baazi Rewards. In their latest, they shocked the community with the announcement of a multi-day online poker tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 2 Crore – The Game Changer.

One of the biggest announcements that the company has made along with the launch of their latest promotion NitroJan earlier this month is the increase in frequency of FreeRoll tournaments. These are basically tournaments held every 10 minutes, round the clock, which feature a particular prize pool with no buy-in fee. This means that players stand a chance to play for free and win some money in return. What’s more, the amount won by players in these tournaments are given in the form of redeemable chips, real cash bonus chips and tournament tickets.

These tournaments are easy to locate and are available under a separate “FreeRolls” tab on the PokerBaazi gaming client. While this may not make much of a difference to players who are already in the poker scene today, it serves as a great opportunity for new players to try their hand at the game. It seems unfair for a newbie to have to play against better players for sums of money which he/she knows they will probably end up losing.

The concept of FreeRoll tournaments is to provide an ideal playground for new players to try and learn the game. They are presented with different situations and forced to make logical and calculated decisions, much like every other big tournament in the world. Once a player plays enough FreeRoll tournaments, he/she will have gained the knowledge and confidence to take on the biggies.

The whole Team at has always worked towards giving the players what they want and growing the sport in the country, and this announcement will surely see a lot more poker players making it to the felts in the year 2019. If you are someone who has even the slightest interest in learning and understanding the game, create a free account today on and sign up for a FreeRoll tournament – there’s one every 10 minutes!